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JOM.sg | Ramadan Comes and Goes, but What Stays?
JOM.sg | Ramadan Comes and Goes, but What Stays?
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Ramadan Comes and Goes, but What Stays?

Ramadan Comes and Goes, but What Stays?


Ramadan is around the corner yet again, completing another year since our last Ramadan. Many have passed before us, making it impossible for them to meet Ramadan again. Our last Ramadan in 2015 was their last Ramadan, period.

So to begin, I think it is best to not allow time to be taken for granted. We all have our individual clocks, ticking down to the end of our time here on earth. Our time is limited, hence it is advisable to invest it only in things that matter. Otherwise, it would be a waste.

As cliche as it sounds, time does fly. Especially when you don’t pay attention to it. Ramadan is coming up fast. How do we prepare ourselves for the coming of Ramadan? Do we prepare as if Ramadan is that one special guest we have been anticipating to come visit our house? Or, do we just think about it when it comes knocking on our door?

Is Ramadan just…meh?

It is hard to analogise Ramadan in such a way that it would truly give an impact to the person experiencing it’s approach, because so much about Ramadan (and so many other essential things in our life) is intangible.

You can’t see it, you can’t feel it, you can’t smell it, you can’t hear it, and you can’t taste it. Undeniably, we are bound by our senses. Therefore, it is quite challenging to appreciate what our senses can’t comprehend. We are, after all, rely mainly on our senses to experience and make sense of the world.

Having said that, all is not lost. The intangible can still be experienced. Yes, we are bound by our senses but that doesn’t mean that we can’t experience the unseen. Though not directly, we can definitely experience its effects. We can “feel” its presence, the same way we feel love. Though love is intangible, we have no doubt that it does exist. Not by its physical nature, but by its effects.

As with Ramadan, in order to truly appreciate how beautiful and essential it really is in our lives, we only need to reflect and ponder upon its effects. But first, we have to allow for Ramadan to have an effect in our lives. If we block it out, then we don’t have the opportunity to experience its presence.

Like medicine, its effects can only be experienced if we consume it. But if we just let it sit idle on the counter in our kitchen isle, then the effects of it can’t reach us. In such a case, we shouldn’t wonder why we are still sick. We choose not to take the medicine and to give it a chance to affect us.

Do we blame the medicine then?

The point of Ramadan is not Ramadan itself, because it is only 30 days. It will come and it will go. It is not a cultural celebration where we simply entertain ourselves for a while, get a temporary spiritual boost, and then return to our normal lives afterwards.

Although I am not belittling the effects of Ramadan, however temporary, I can’t help but to admit that Ramadan is much more than that. Ramadan is all about its effects and how it can permanently change us, be it in a big way or in a small way.

Change us to what? Ramadan is here to point us towards a certain direction, and we all need to be shown the way at some point in our lives. We all use a map or a GPS right? Like a sign on a highway, Ramadan is pointing us towards our destination – God.

The effects of Ramadan that we feel must have something to do with getting us closer to our destination, and not further away. If Ramadan could permanently change us to be a little bit closer to God, then we have truly experience the effects of Ramadan. If we could continue the momentum of Ramadan and be steadfast on the path it leads us on towards the goal it leads us to, then our Ramadan is not a waste at all.

Though Ramadan comes and goes, God doesn’t. God stays, waiting for us to come closer.




Aiman Azlan
Malaysian YouTuber, Public speaker, & Writer.


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