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JOM.sg | Our Story
JOM.sg | Our Story
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Our Story

About us

JOM is short for “Jalan Orang Muslim” or also known as “Journey of a Muslim”.

Established in 2010, JOM is a non-profitable organisation which aims to spread the beauty of Islam through new media platforms. We aim to be the channel that Inspires and Motivates personal development through Islamic Entertainment.

JOM was assembled by a group of Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiyah alumni who were studying in Al-Azhar University (Egypt) and the Islamic International University of Malaysia.

JOM’s birth was triggered by the reflection of a Hadith that narrates “He, who calls to guidance, will earn a reward similar to the rewards of those who accept his call.


To date, JOM has a few series of videos available on YouTube such as “Ihya Sunnah”, “Bongkar Surau”, “Ramadan Reminder” and the most recent was the “Raya Reminder” series.

Three years since its establishment, JOM has by far collaborated with various organisations namely IslamicEvents, Ramadan.sg by MUIS, Al-Fitwah by Al-Mawaddah Mosque, Irsyad Radio by Madrasah Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiah and MZ Services. JOM provided services in video and audio production, poster designing and event management.

The crew

The JOM Crew currently has 8 members led by Abdul Rauuf Maskhazin.

JOM’s Crew members are mostly undergraduates. They are all committed and dedicated to spreading goodness.

Each crew member respectively has experiences in serving the youths, doing volunteer work, organising events and even writing for Singapore’s National Newspaper (Berita Harian).

The wide variety of experiences and backgrounds allows JOM to understand the community’s needs better and address them in an Islamic approach.