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JOM.sg | Double Doors
JOM.sg | Double Doors
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Double Doors

Double Doors


Nowadays we are so obsessed with winning at everything that we tend to forget about the values that we can learn from a failure. Since child, we have been told to win or attain the first place in everything we do so that we will be known as the best in the eyes of the world. However, without realizing, every day we are shaped to compete and do whatever it takes to earn the best position possible just to feel satisfied.

Competing hard and winning vigorously makes us forget the true values which lay behind every struggle that we face. Sometimes when we fail to achieve what we want, we easily become depressed, unmotivated and irritated. Why? It is because of our obsession about winning and the negative perception about failing.

Curiously, what is wrong about losing or being a failure in the beginning? There is nothing wrong about it!

Through failures, we recognize ways that will not work, so we need to figure out ways that actually works. We believe that lack of skill is perhaps the reason as to why we fail so we begin to learn and obtain new skills. We learn the passion and our deep desire in getting positive outcome. We grow to become better at what we are doing and by having more experience, we can master that particular area. These are some of the examples of lessons that we obtain from failing.

Some of us may have heard a story of a young cartoonist who was once criticized by many editors who said that he lack imaginations and natural talent. After countless rejections, he never gave up on his dreams and kept on struggling and learning. I am talking about Walt Disney who is famous in drawing Mickey Mouse cartoons. He won 22 academy awards later on. He was once a failure. But he saw the opportunity and learned every value from each rejection until he managed to attain success.

At the failing stage, I believe there are double doors in front of us. It is up to us to open which door and enter through it. The first door is the door of “Hopelessness”. If we open this door, at the stage of failure, we often become stress, frustrated, and at some point we will give up easily on what we initially try to achieve. This kind of person lack enthusiasm, and every single time they face hardship, they fail to overcome it. They will be stuck in their own land of pessimism.

The second door is known as “Honour”. When we open this door during failures we tend to see a lot of opportunities ahead even though we are currently dealing with difficulties. It simply means that we honour the struggles. We learn from the hardship. We value the experience and at the same time keep pushing forward. A person, who always opens the door of honour at the stage of failure, is the one who values every single experience that he acquires during the journey to success. This is the person who will grow and become better at each hardship and eventually wins.

People who refuse to fail are actually rejecting to value growth, experience, and learning. They forget that life is always teaching us new things every day. It depends on us how we see things and which door we unlock.

When you fail or get rejected, always remember that at that stage there are these double doors virtually in front of your path. So which door will you take? Think before you act.

Shamila Bt Farouk
Guest Writer, JOM.sg

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