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JOM.sg | Chill ah, it’s just Nisf Sha’ban!
JOM.sg | Chill ah, it’s just Nisf Sha’ban!
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Chill ah, it’s just Nisf Sha’ban!


Chill ah, it’s just Nisf Sha’ban!

13Alhamdulillah. Nisf Sha’ban is here once again which indicates that we are few weeks away from Ramadan. We hoped that you are preparing well for Ramadan, and may Allah let us reach Ramadan and be able to maximize it with good deeds, say amin!

Some of us may have disagreements in the topic of Nisf Sha’ban. Such is ikhtilaf or different views. Let us be reminded that it is indeed rahmah. And rahmah starts from me, from you and from us all. Let us be a community full of rahmah – in both our actions and words. Try to reflect back on how we have dealt with such different views.

Ibn Rushd once said, “if you ever have an ikthilaf about the rahmah of Allah, always err on the side of rahmah.”11

It is pitiful to see our fellow muslims fighting/arguing over such celebrations. Similar to the Mauleed En-Nabi season, you are able to see ‘attacks’ online. Each party will post about all the dalil and hujjah according to his/her beliefs and some may even result in putting someone into ‘hell’. Bro, Sis, chill! Remember to act good and not act God. Just, let God for He is Al-Hakam (the Judge) and ‘Al-Adl (the Just).

Allah mentions in the Quran 17:36, “And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart – about all those [one] will be questioned.” The verse reminds us that we are responsible for our actions. If people want to celebrate it, it is fine for he or she has his or her dalil and hujjah. If people don’t want to celebrate it, it is fine as well, each has a diffferent set of dalil and hujjah. And it’s not even obligatory right? So, don’t let all these petty things break our bonds and good relations.

Always, look at our fellow Muslims binazrah alhubb (with love) and not hate.
May Allah guide us all and save us from the hellfire, amin.

Love, JOM.SG

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